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Vintage 2017


2017 opened with several worries following the devastating spring frost of April 2016 : how would the vines behave ?


After a “true” winter, the springtime arrived and the vegetative awakening was rather in advance by April 5th. By the 20th of April the temperature had descended to -2°C : yet again, we confronted a catastrophe, even if certain sectors had been less exposed and therefore spared the worst. Following this brief moment of stress, rapid growth resumed. The weather was most favorable and precipitation was minimally sufficient. Early June flowering signaled a generous harvest. Apparently, the vine had compensated for the stress suffered in the preceding spring. By the start of July, a period of stormy weather brought much needed hydration but unfortunately, the start of mildew.  We did what was necessary and the summer evolved toward the harvest under ideal conditions. 


Harvest began on the 7th of September. It confirmed rapidly that the year was indeed generous, as much for the reds as for the whites : the sugars were present without excess which did not surprise us. However, what did surprise us was the excellent phenolic maturity of the seeds and stems. Happily, the work of green harvesting earlier in the season had permitted us to just barely maintain the permitted yields. 


From the devatting through the elevages, the wines revealed themselves as round and fleshy with a beautiful color and excellent fruit.


The vintage entered into the cellar which were emptied due to the scant harvest the previous year. 


This vintage is ideal to consume at the writing of this vintage report (June 2021), certainly before the 2015 vintage which would benefit from continued aging.

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