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L'effet Millésime
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Vintage 2021

The autumn of 2020 was not exceptionally cold. We waited until the 27th of December to have the first frost. Happily, we had several spells of -6° mid-January and mid-February with a bit of snow. however, very little rain for our underground reserves. The work in the vineyards advances with our colleagues Guillaume and Thibault. We decided to plant a small vineyard of Aligoté issued of massale selection from our collection of old vines and those of colleagues.


The big project of the year is the renovation of our historic buildings in the center of the village in the respect of the architecture of our ancestors. There we created new office spaces as well as a new client reception area with an unassailable view overlooking the vineyards of Pernand-Vergelesses.

Mid march, vineyard work began with plowing and by the end of the month the vines were already waking up with bud break in the most precocious sectors of Chardonnay. The morning of April 6 was glacial, -2° to -6° according to the sector. and this, during two days along with a dusting of snow, our hopes that the vines would rebound after this episode dwindled. Our best exposed parcels of chardonnay were completely frozen and a catastrophe further down the CIote de Beaune. What followed was a season extremely humid upon plants that were already sufficiently fragile. The work was complicated and laborious with the threat of mildew and odium, for the whites, until the middle of august. One had to have courage and perseverance to arrive end of season with a decent harvest.

The harvest took place from the 24th of September to the first of October. Despite everything, with a smaller volume, the resulting wines possess a lovely energy. The harvest of our whites, later in the season than has been the case of recent years, possess a lively equilibrium and will demand more time before they can be fully appreciated. These are mineral wines with tension and aromas of yellow fruit and white flowers and a pleasant contrast from the recent warmer vintages with lusher profiles. For the reds, the vinifications were relatively straightforward and revealed lighter profiles than recent years but possessing hightened  elegance and finesse.  

2021, our family once again mourning, marks the passing of our oncle Gilles the 21st of February, younger brother to our father Régis.

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