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L'effet Millésime
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Vintage 2019

The winter was not sufficiently cold as is helpful and we knew that from this moment on, there would be a lack of water during the season.


early April presented the first leaves. The starry night of April 4 announced -3°C and from the next day we noticed the damage. However, we were privileged in Pernand and there was no catastrophe. The growth was rapide afterwards and the flowers appeared at the start of June.


Two heat waves put our vines and their overseers to the test. Odium presented itself and the heat left little margin to work leisurely. 


Monday the 10th of September : harvest.


Reduced volume for the whites. The reds were more abundant. The sugar levels broke the records but to our astonishment, the acidities were correct. Toward the end of the vinifications, it was necessary to take great attention to prevent their interruption as the natural yeasts have difficulty with elevated levels of alcohol. 


Can we speak of another exceptional vintage ? Without any doubt for the whites : the wines are complex and despite their 14° possess a mineral sap that is appreciable ; the aromatic profiles lead to other dimensions but still with good freshness.


The reds are well structured : our work with whole bunch fermentations help to preserve freshness and offer the wines a airiness or diminish any heavy qualities which signify a satisfying success. 

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