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L'effet Millésime
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Vintage 2018


A wet winter with rare frosts. The water tables were filled. 


The start of the vegetative cycle was once again precocious and by mid-April, the first leaves appeared. Far from being a gradual transition to spring, the vine demanded constant attention as the plant evolved  through the normal stages rapidly. By early June, flowering was completed in several days.


The harvest started the 1st of September. I have never seen such beautiful Pinot Noir grapes and my father confirmed that he had rarely seen such quality. Nothing to discard, neither dried grapes or not sufficiently ripe and the quantities were impressive. Alcohol and acidities were correct. A very grand vintage in the making. 


The white grapes, perfectly golden, were received in significant volume with a very satisfying level of maturity. From the first tastings, a remarkable complexity that gave the impression of a grand future for these wines.


As for the reds, we have a vintage that will surely take its place along side others of the recent past : 2015, 2009, 2005 and 1990.

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